Essay about Flood Assessment

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The purpose of this report is to geologically evaluate the potential hazards for flooding in Hazard City. This report will include a detailed historic and extrapolated Stream Gauge Data Worksheet, as well as a graph of the Discharge Frequency Curve expected on Clearwater River. The report will provide Hazard city with my scientific analysis, conclusions, and provide recommendations concerning potential flood damages.
The methodology used was to utilize the Recurrence Interval formula (R) = (N+1)/M, to determine the recurrence interval and magnitude of historical floods provided on the Stream Gauge Data of Peak Flood Discharges on Clearwater River in Hazard City. Also, I reviewed the flood insurance map to
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2. What would be the stream discharge of a 75-year flood?
The information from the Discharge-Frequency Curve aided in determining that the Discharge Rate for a 75-year flood would be 117,016 cubic feet per second and would rise 23.85 feet above flood stage. In outlining the flood area on the topographic map, geographical areas below 865 feet in elevation are at high risk for flooding in a 75-year flood event.

3. What areas of Hazard City would be directly affected by a 75-year flood?
The areas of Hazard City that will have the highest risks to life and property from flooding are those in the Riverside, lower Ralston, Point Place areas and the railway. These areas will experience severe flooding while the areas of Downtown and Hickory Estates will experience very minor damages such as soil saturation, if any.
4. What would be the general consequences of a 75-year flood in Hazard City?
The general consequences of a 75-year flood include massive flooding, damages to vegetation, homes, businesses, the railway, and the loss of life of animals and residents in the direct areas to the north and south along Clearwater River. The flooding will be intense, as 117,016cfs of discharge will be making its way down a river typically capable of accommodating 55,000cfs, and Clearwater River will rise 23.85 feet above flood stage.
5. What actions might be taken to prevent some of the hazard potential?
First, Hazard City can implement levies on the north bank of

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