Flip On Television And Turn It On A Sports Channel Essay example

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Flip on television and turn it on a sports channel. You will notice broadcasters trying to

give you the experience of being in the game. They will use newer and newer technology to get

better camera angles. NASCAR has put cameras in the cars with drivers. People want the

experience of being there. Scholars studying history are no exception. Our class on Religion and

Civil Rights has brought me closer to towards a firsthand experience of the Civil Rights


One of the sort comings of many history classes is that events or phenomena are usually

oversimplified. When an event is described in a lecture, the person giving the lecture usually

does not take the time to describe an example of the event. For example, with the Civil Rights

Movement, a teacher would talk about people having to take literacy test and/or having to pay a

poll tax to vote. When you here about the way teachers describe literacy test it sounds like it was

well known that the literacy text was rigged and served no purpose. You usually hear about

people that were asked to tell how may soup bubbles where in a bar of soup or some other

ridiculous question. However, when I read God’s Long Summer I could understood that the

literacy test did not seem so ridicules in most cases. In the book, Fannie Lou Hamer had to take a

test consisting of 21 questions that would be graded by the circuit clerk at the court house. 1 The

questions were normal questions for any type of application, but some of…

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