Confessions: Personal Narrative Analysis

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“Any Tan’s essay is a flashback to an unpleasant memory, a conflict with her mother. Write a 2 paragraph essay about an unpleasant memory from your past.”

January 1st 2015 the beginning and the ending of a new New Years. New Years is basically where you start over and leave every single bad thing behind as most people claims. New Years wasn 't what I expect to be instead It was a horrible beginning and a horrible ending.

It was around 5am when the doorbell rang unexpectedly and furiously, I was barely awake and I was not ready to be up so early. My father rash to the door and very upset he open the front door half way. He realize it was my sister’s boyfriend who was ringing the bell furiously and half drunk. My father
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My father was no longer in the house since he had to run some errands and mother had problems walking up the stair and wasn 't fast enough. I ran upstairs and try to get inside the apartment but the door was lock. I then nock the door insistently but I got no one answer back. I was terrified and worry that something bad had happen to my sister and her children 's. I continue to nock the door and heard my niece trying to open the door but the lock was too high for her to reach. I yelled at my niece to step back and then I when I ahead and push the door as hard as I could until I finally got in. I instantly seen my niece scare and panicking pointing to my sister’s bedroom. I told my niece to go down stairs to grandmas house and to stay there. I then try to open my sisters bedroom door where all the yelling and screaming was coming from but the door was also locked. I once more push the door until I was able to see my sisters boyfriend holding her by the hair with a small piece of glass from the broken window behind him. I was able to break inside the room and quickly demand my sister’s boyfriend to let her go. My sister was in tears against the wall trying to get away from him. He glazed at me but pay no attention to me when I asked him to let her go. I then decided to step between him and my sister and try to push him away but he quickly raise his hand at me and try to hit me. I was nervous and scare but I still stood there frozen in the same place. I then heard my mothers voice yelling at him and telling him to not dare touch me or my sister. He quickly remove his hand from my sister and put his other hand down and took a few steps back. My mother push him against the door and told him to hit her instead but he then put his head down and started crying. He apologize to my mother and he told it was totally wrong what he had done. My sister grab the phone and call 911 as soon as possible while he sat down on the couch and told

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