Being Seventeen Shouldn T Be This Hard Analysis

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“Being seventeen shouldn’t be this hard.” I whispered under my breath. “Please explain how it’s so hard.” The counselor speaks with such question in her voice. ~
When I was four years old I didn’t think anything of my life, I was joyful and full of excitement. I had a normal family just like most of my friends. The kind of family to go to church every sunday, diner at six every night, and to go to bed at eight. My dad would go outside and play football or basketball with my brothers while my mom and I sat inside and colored pictures. When my sixth birthday came around life seemed to get harder. No one seemed to like me I didn’t fit in when it came to kids at my school; they would pick on me and tease me. Knowing
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I became a really unhappy little girl and my parents couldn’t figure out what was going on with me. My dad thought it would be a great idea to move to Pennsylvania where his foster father had lived, just to get away for awhile. My uncle watched us one last time before that move so that my parents could spend some time with their friends. That was the worst night yet. He had pulled me to his room he closed the door and twisted the lock. I wanted to run I didn’t want to be in there with this man. For the first time ever I felt so unsafe, what was he going to do to me was the only question running through my head. I remember what he had said to me word for word and those words still haunt me to this day, “You are the reason why your father wants to move. You are bad, do you know what happens to bad girls?” I didn’t want to know and I definitely didn’t want him to show me, but I knew he was going to. Never have I seen my uncle so upset at anyone like he was with me, that might be why this has happened to me. ~
Leaving the Doctor 's’ office I have never felt so relieved I finally told someone about something that had been weighing me down since I was so little. I had so much to say, but nothing was coming out. I wanted to tell her everything in detail, but nothing, I couldn’t it hurt to even think about it. Getting into the car I look back to see if Hadley is awake

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