Flag Desecration Synthesis Essay

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Roshelle Grinberg Due: December 3, 2010
Mr. Baldwin E5X-09
That Flag Should Not Be Protected The United States is known for being ‘land of the free’, a nation with a Declaration of Independence, as well, as a Constitution protecting the rights of it’s citizens. Wars have been fought and many people have died so we could have the rights that present today. The freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and most importantly the right to petition our government; all of which fall under the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Our nation’s flag is an everlasting symbol of freedom and hope
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Soon enough, other laws will be passed that will eventually take away all our rights. Once those rights are taken, the flag will no longer represent a nation of the ‘free’. The word ‘desecrate’ means to vandalize, violate, or damage. If a teenager was seen painting or cutting up the American Flag, that would fall under desecration. However, does that not fall under creativity and art as well? If that amendment is passed, protecting our flag from ‘desecration’, would that teenager be given a fine or have to go to court for something so innocent? Another seemingly innocent act that would not be protected is stated in Source I, “Except that a perfectly acceptable way to dispose of a worn-out flag, according to the old Boy Scout manuals Dad gave me, is by burning.” Would that be protected under the new amendment? The burning of the flag is a respectable and somber ceremony that contains all the sentimental and symbolic value the flag holds, yet, the flag is still burned. There is no disrespect in this ceremony, in fact, it is very respectful. How would Congress address this issue? If the amendment to ‘protect’ the flag is passed, will it protect the citizens of the United States? The flag is symbolic due to the troubles and hardships Americans went through to get our nation where it is now. According to

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