Flag Desecration And Freedom

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Flag Desecration
Since 1777 the American flag with its stars and stripes has represented the colonies and states, and even more importantly has represented the sacrifice made to create the freedom that is given to us American citizens in the United States today. The flag is incredibly symbolic to our country, and should be treated with all the respect it deserves. However, mistreating the flag is technically protected by the First Amendment, so it must be outlawed to ensure freedom in America. Destroying the flag is similar to committing treason. Moreover, people have risked their lives to protect the freedom that is represented by the American flag.
Freedom is the right to act within the guidelines of the law however, whenever, and doing whatever
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In fact, many people also desecrate the flag to simply show their opinions about modern advances or as they would call declines in current American events, politics, or news. Often a sign of disgrace or embarrassment these people should not disrespect the flag that represents why they are able to live freely and speak their minds. Those who support the right to desecrate the flag often do not understand that they may use other ways to symbolize what they are thinking without disgracing the brave men and women who fought, risked, and unfortunately lost their lives to protect the freedom of their country. Speaking one 's mind can involve positive, peaceful protest or other forms of peaceful respectful rebellion against power with things as simple as political signs in their yards, or other signs expressing opinion on said person 's property, yet if you have to burn the American flag to show your disappointment, instead of being able to simple express your anger in words or through media than you should be put in jail amongst thieves and …show more content…
The American flag is quite literally all across the world. If people in other countries can simply respect it while having different opinions about America, then it is time for Americans to do the same. The United States has enemies. These enemies thrive off of the suffering of America. Seeing Americans violate and defile their own flag, shows that certain people would be willing despite servicemen and women risking their lives to hurt, damage or negatively affect America in any way. Which is not what is needed, what America needs is unity, and strength, these both are formed on the basic foundation of respect. Respect needs to be shown to those overseas protecting America and it’s flag, simply by not dishonoring them by defiling the

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