Aerobic Devices Used In Tennis

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The Game of Tennis has evolved from wood rackets, 1st steel rackets, to modern day racket technology. Wooded tennis rackets were used during the 1900’s: when tennis first started in 1873 by an Englishman Major Walter C. Wingfleid. Tennis has been known of being the game of Royalty, but that soon as new tennis player 's developed there skills and start playing tennis Tournaments, that the rackets have changed to steal and to modern day rackets using graphite or carbon fiber. If you look at the game of tennis from rackets and compare the physical activity needed to play tennis in this modern game, which physical skill is highly important because many factors persistent in tennis. Factors in tennis could be aerobic fitness, how an athletic is …show more content…
The Authors have to aim to investigate the aerobic fitness that affects an athletic performance at their highest level. A few Studies within the past 5 years have shown direct correlation with an athletic aerobic fitness among competive players. Other studies have shown correlations of aerobic fitness in young players. The Purpose of this study was to provide a comparison of tennis players, athletes in terms of their aerobic fitness levels that athletes have the ability to push to their limits or exhaustion during physical activity or when playing a tennis match. Therefore, The aims of the study were to illustrate the importance of aerobic fitness among tennis playing tennis at high college tennis level. By analyzing their Vo2 maximum, and heart rate and the physical will show results of improving performance in a athlete. Description of the problem The nature of the problem that is being addressed in this study was about the aerobic fitness among tennis player playing at a high level of tennis. Most problems that a tennis player face when playing a match is the lack of aerobic fitness because tennis matches have a tendency to be short as 30 minutes up to 4 …show more content…
One reason is to remark that the importance of certain training methods that we can use for testing our aerobic fitness, which makes a big impact on the level of the athlete. By conducting this study, will help discover if there is a direct correlation with aerobic fitness among tennis player. Methods A total of 14 tennis players are ranges from 18years of age and to 21 years of age; training frequency 10/hours per week competing at a high tennis level. Athletes have been playing tennis for several years or longer. Tennis player’s from Huntington University both Men and Women Tennis team from Huntington University. All player’s who are participating provided written informed consent for the study, which is going to be approved By the Institutional review board by Huntington University. Instruments The instruments that will be used in the test like heart rate monitors, treadmill, ball machine, and all equipment is provided by Huntington University. A tennis court will also be used for the tennis specific testing portion of this

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