Fish Tank Film Sequence Analysis Essay

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Maria Zarka
April 11, 2013
Sequence Analysis Andrea Arnold’s Fish Tank scoops up the audience and places them into Mia’s world, which is filled to the brim with dysfunctional relationships with family, social groups, her mother’s boyfriend, and neighbors. It also sends a message to the audience that portrays the ways in which these broken relationships develop and continue to occur again and again, the cycle continuing with each passing generation. Fish Tank also portrays Mia’s personal struggles that encompass her desire to feel respected and valued, her passion for hip-hop dance, but the lack of appreciation she gets, as well as the social class she grew up in that led to Mia’s destructive behavior and the lack of opportunity
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Andrea Arnold’s use of screenplay in this scene creates a message in the audiences mind by making the fish a metaphor for Mia. For example, Mia and her family are seen as apart of the lower working class. From this and from their violent, rude, behavior and language at times, we are inclined to label them as uneducated. This is mirrored in the dialogue when Connor says, “People don’t come here often, the fish here are stupid, you’ll get one easy.” This one line addresses the theme of loneliness and isolation, Mia being naive, and hints to the audience about Connor’s true character of being sly and taking advantage of people. From there, we can interpret the entire scene of Connor slowly luring the fish into his clutches, jerking it from the water, allowing it to suffer a bit above water before he finally pierces it with a stick. It becomes all too obvious that the fish is meant to represent Mia when Tyler asks what the fish is doing as it flops, then Mia and Tyler’s mom jokingly replies, “It’s dancing.”
Something that I find very interesting is that throughout the movie, the only other thing that Mia shows a passion and love for besides dance, are animals like her dog and the white horse. When it comes to the fish, however, Mia seems eager to help catch it and then volunteers to eat it. Seeing as the fish is a personification of Mia, this sends a message to the

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