Marine Aquarium Research Paper

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New aquarium owners usually end up with a bad experience with their first foray into buying an aquarium for their pet fishes. Some essential factors should be considered and smart planning will help new aquarium owners avert expensive disasters.
The most critical issues you should think about when buying an aquarium for the first time are the size and the cost. In usual cases, a problem arises when fish pet owners underestimate the price tag of the new aquarium in accordance with the size and then they skip the necessary equipment to maintain the aquarium properly.
According to Shirlie Sharpe of The, common expenses include cleaning supplies, the proper net, hood and light, decorations, the aquarium stand, filter, heater, gravel,
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Practice with a freshwater tropical aquarium is important before upgrading to the more advanced water tank for your fish pet.Brackish Aquariums
The last type of aquarium in your bucket list should be the brackish aquarium because brackish water tank systems can be tricky to maintain. Fish pet owners who use this type of water tank are very rare. A mixture of freshwater and saltwater is needed to produce the right type of brackish water. It’s considered to be on the middle level and at the same time, it shouldn’t be as strong as saltwater that’s used for marine aquariums.
The fish that can live in a brackish aquarium are very few and in some pet stores, brackish fish are not handled properly before being sold to customers. Most hobbyists have little success when taking care of brackish fishes due to the high level of maintenance required for the water condition within the aquarium.
Cody Shoup of Badman’s Tropical Fish said that people shouldn’t be discouraged when it comes to brackish aquariums because once the proper conditions are met, it would be a very rewarding experience. Brackish fishes can be very alluring like the Drum fish that has varying patterns and colors. Some are considered to be very cute fish pets like the famous

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