First Year Self Assessment Report Essay

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First Year Self-Assessment Report for Diante Latrell Helton
Purpose for Evaluation:
Diante Helton is a current freshman progressing into his second semester at Middle Tennessee State University. He strolled into my advising office because he had a few curious questions about the way he values his time and education at MTSU. Choosing a major, finding a good way to study, and time management are some of the obstacles he is facing. Although he has passing grades, he doesn’t feel that he is reaching his full potential in academics. He feels that procrastination is his biggest enemy. He is highly satisfied with his social life, he meets new friends almost every day, and he enjoys socializing with his friends on the weekend. Although Diante didn’t have bad spending habits, he wanted to get a job on campus to have some extra funds. But he thought having a job would alter his learning experience.

Methods/ Methodology:
I had Diante completed a few assessments questioning him about his financial background, family support, and his high school experience. I completed this task to see figure out how prepared he was mentally and physically for college away from home. Along with the tasks I gave him, I asked him to bring in certain assignments from the different courses he attended. Mr. Helton and I also discussed about his current hardships such as time organization, physical statue, and health concerns.

Student’s Family History:
Mr. Helton was born and raised in Memphis, TN. His…

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