First Ordinal Day - Original Writing Essay

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It was another ordinal day.
The Jaegers were enjoying their herbal tea and snacks, prepared by Bols at the dinner table. Wave was trying desperately to start a normal conversation with Kurome, but to no avail. She still refuses to share her snacks with him, crashing the poor teen’s spirit altogether.
Everyone’s ears quickly perked up when they suddenly heard a soft groan coming from the hallway, followed by a room door closing. Entering the room was an exhausted Ash, dragging his feet along with the floor as he sluggishly walked over to the dinner table and taking a seat next to Wave. The party could tell the poor teen didn’t have a good night’s rest. His once pure auburn eyes were now replaced with bloodshot eyes, a pair of bags dangling beneath them.
Ash planted his face firmly on the cold wooden table and groaned groggily.
"Rough night?" Wave offered his friend a sympathetic smile.
"You could say that…" the latter mumbled weakly with another groan.
"Here, Ash." Bols walked over to the teen’s side and placed a cup of herbal tea on the table just for him. "Maybe this will help you refurbish your strength."
"Thank you, Bols." The weary Keyblade wielder offered the masked man a weak, but genuine smile.
He might not able to see the man’s expression, but behind his mask Bols had a compassionate smile on his face.
Ash gradually lifted his head off the table and slowly raised the cup of herbal tea with both hands to his lips. The moment the delicate fragrance flowed…

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