Fire And Flood Summary

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The purpose of this article was to examine the role climate change played in the multiple natural disasters that occurred this season. Amanda Paulson, a Staff writer at the Christian Science Monitor, wrote the article Fire and floods: Did climate play a role in this fall's disaster? on October 13, 2017. Paulson points out climate scientists agree the warming of our climate has set the conditioning to warrant the abrupt climate changes and all the extreme events, we’ve seen lately. Scientists have connected Climate changes to more severe storms, hurricanes and one of the main causes of wildfires, not to mention, these events are more intense and fire seasons are starting earlier. Paulson gives an example, by referring to the current heat …show more content…
One reason that I decided to use this article, not only did this agency look at the economic part of the climate change, but it also looked at the evidence and the tools used to prove climate change is real and the role it plays in the cost that has accrued. A new report released Monday by the Government Accountability Office, a federal watchdog, sent a report to President Donald Trump, members of the White House and the Environmental Protection Agency. The nonpartisan agency normally works as a watchdog for federal spending, often called the "congressional watchdog,". Biesecker explained the authors who wrote the report used “government and academic studies examining the national and regional impacts of climate change.” they use Climate Science experts, whose research was peer-reviewed. Additionally, they took the time to familiarize themselves with the climate vulnerability of the research. Then they looked at future projections of climate changes and the impacts to estimate likely costs. As a result, they felt they needed to address the cost of the extreme weather. Biesecker, pointed out, in the report in the last decade, the federal government has spent $350 billion of taxpayer money on extreme weather, including fire events, floods, droughts, cost of disaster response and relief. The report also state's climate change is expected to negatively continue and will get extremely worse. Biesecker paid extra attention to the massive economic toll from this year’s wildfires and three major hurricanes, expected to be among the costliest in the nation’s history. Therefore, those costs will continue to rise, the report found. In other words, the cost of ignoring climate change is costing us more, then if we would have a dresser problem in the first place when scientists brought it to our

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