Essay about Finding The Right Sleeping Arrangement

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To most people, a new baby means midnight feedings, dirty diapers, and no sleep for mom and dad. And while those first two might be unavoidable, let me assure you it is possible to have a baby and still get enough rest. It goes against common perception, and occasionally might go against your wishes (who doesn 't want to just snuggle their brand new baby ALL. THE. TIME?), but I promise you, with these suggestions you will get your baby on a sleep schedule (and dare I say sleeping through the entire night) in no time, allowing you to get the much needed rest you need. And just in case the thought of sleep itself isn 't incentive enough, let me remind you that happy, rested, patient parents mean happy, patient, secure babies. In other words - less crying! 1. Find the right sleeping arrangement. Newborn babies have very inexperienced digestive systems, which is why they need help burping and so often spit up everywhere. It also means they can have problems with reflux that prevents deep sleep. Start your baby in an inclined sleeping position, gradually lowering down until they are completely flat. My last two babies slept in a bouncy chair on the floor by my bed the first week or two because it was where I could get the longest stretches (3-4 hours at a time) out of them. After that, I transitioned to a bassinet with rolled towels under the mattress, and then finally flat in the bassinet or crib. For the first month, find wherever your baby will sleep the longest, and use…

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