Finding Room Through My Heart For Writing Essay example

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WRA 110, sec# 05, Project 5: Final Reflection 9th December, 2015
Finding Room in my Heart for Writing

Last spring semester, I took a preparatory writing course -WRA 1004- here at MSU. When I first enrolled myself to this course (WRA 110), I expected it to be completely different than WRA 1004. I expected this course to be concentrated about scientific and technological topics, which means we will be writing/reading a lot of research papers. Nevertheless and fortunately, it was not the case. In the first period, my professor told us that this class is like any other WRA 1** course where the professor can choose whatever topics he/she wants. She then introduced us to the project we will be doing throughout the semester, and to my surprise, they were similar to those in WRA 1004. Knowing that this course will not be much different than the preparatory course made me feel comfortable and relaxed, at least I have a background on what will be going on here.
I had goals that I wanted to achieve via this class. I hoped that after finishing this course, I will be able to express/write my ideas more clearly with coherent language and correct grammar as long as appropriate sentence structures. In addition, and most importantly, I wanted to start loving writing. Even though I did well in my previous writing courses, there were always the hardest ones to start working on their assignments, and was always not satisfied with the results I get. I don’t know why, but maybe because I…

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