Finding Opportunities For A Successful Job Hunting Essay

792 Words Sep 21st, 2015 4 Pages
People might think that job searching is just a simple task like using on Google. However, job searching is more complicated, and it requires appropriate strategies to succeed in seeking a job. The strategies for finding a job includes learning about yourself to identify what to prepare for job positions and using your personal network and useful websites to look for job opportunities. In this document, I am going to tell you about what to prepare for and how to find opportunities for a successful job-hunting. First of all, you should know yourself to prepare for job positions. You have to identify your specific or technical skills, which are planning, organizing, directing and controlling daily operations, as a project manager1). Also, you need to make a list of your essential skills of reading, writing, communicating, cooperating, and problem solving 1). After that you can compare the list of your skills with the required skills of a project manager position on the job advertisement, and then you can find out what skills you have, or what you need to prepare for the position by comparing the lists. To accentuate your qualification and capabilities will help you promote your strengths and prepare for resumes and job interviews effectively. In addition, you need to describe your accomplishments from your previous work experiences in your country, and explain how your career fit to the job positions in Canada because your experiences in your country are not always valued…

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