Finding Alternative Sentencing And Community Essay

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Solution Criteria To address the many problems that correctional units face with the rehabilitation in our prison systems, the entire system needs to be re-evaluated and corrected. Many enforcement areas and jurisdictions lack the resources to handle the intake of inmates that they have. Finding alternative sentencing and community to inmate programs will drastically improve this area, such as prison overcrowding and the rate of recidivism. By reducing the population in jails and prisons with alternative methods, local, state, and federal agencies will see an improvement in the efficiencies and effectiveness of their programs within there jurisdiction. With the lower workload of the correctional officers in overcrowded correctional facilities it will allow the officer and inmate to develop and relationship of trust and understanding thus allowing for a much higher and positive result for the inmate to be rehabilitated. The regulations and overall supervision should be comprised of several different areas of the community and government. Correctional officers as well as local, state, or federal government officials, depending on which level of incarceration the inmate is in, will be directly involved with the administration and implementation of the alternative programs within the system. The other part of the supervision of the program should involve and come from local community leaders as well as religious group leaders to expand the feasibility and outreach of the new…

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