Financial Debt : The Collapse Of A Nation Essays

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Financial debt leads to the downfall of a nation. For example, Greece is currently locked inside of a crippling financial crisis and is calling on the help of other euro using nations to bail them out of their budget collapse. Monetary debt is the cause behind Greece’s failure. But, the U.S. too is plagued by debt. As the U.S. debt continues to increase, money being spent on healthcare also increases. As a nation, the United States medical technology is at its peak but obesity is at an all time high. Americans stands in the mist of a vast problem. Although this problem seems first intimidating at a glance, it is easily solvable. America can lower the number of obese citizens. Due to the extreme increasing costs of healthcare, the U.S. Government should regulate soda consumption to help curb obesity. Due to the life-threatening effects caused by regular soda consumption, America is suffering a continual increase in health care costs and a decrease in sound health. The U.S. is trying to solve this problem by steadily dumping money into healthcare programs. To elaborate, “the U.S. spent $190 billion on obesity-related health care expenses in 2005—double previous estimates” (Meyerhoefer, 230). $190 billion is an absolute absurd amount of money. Of course, human life is valuable and should be protected, but it should not be protected by the unnessary spending on healthcare programs. To elaborate, “About half of all costs associated with obesity in the United States today are…

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