Final Essay : Final Reflective Essay

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Final Reflective Essay Throughout the twelve years I have spent in school, I have been taught the conventions of English every year, no matter what classes I was taking. English has been a part of my daily life every second I have been alive, making it a focal point of my existence. This class has improved my use of the English language by teaching me how to look deeper into texts to find a meaning that could not be understood if I were to read the story for its face value. It has also taught me to explain my ideas in a way that is specific as well as clear, which helps my audience to understand what my paper is trying to explain to them. Your class has taught me to avoid cliché and find unique meanings to each story we have read in class. Learning this lesson was hard at first, after being taught to find meaning in any way all throughout high school. Reading books like The Girl in the Flammable Skirt and Jesus’s Son that made me think about the message that the author was trying to convey through each individual story was difficult at first, simply because I was unable to find deeper meanings to each story, but after rereading the stories at least one time I found myself thinking about more than just the face value of the story. I learned three very valuable lessons while taking your class: avoid cliché to improve my writing as well as my thinking, be specific to help my audience understand my thinking and finally your class taught me about different people and lifestyles…

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