Final Case Study Of Psychodynamic Therapy

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Joe is a seventy-six- year-old man who is married to a woman named Florence. His

parents were Hungarian immigrants who struggled to keep a family going in the United States

during the depression. Joe’s father was able to gather enough money to start a small hardware

business. This caused Joe to have to drop out of school in the 9 th grade. Then, he was eventually

drafted for World War 2 when he was 23. When Joe returned from the army he took a bigger

interest in the hardware store.

The business then became a success as time went on, but Joe felt ashamed and had regret

over his choice to drop out of school. When Joe was 45 he met Florence, they developed a

relationship quickly despite his lack of education and her extensive education. They married
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Some behavioral therapists teach breathing and muscle

relaxation techniques to help sufferers gain a sense of better control over their bodies during a

panic attack.

Psychodynamic therapy is a form of “talk therapy” in which the therapist and the patient,

working together, seek to uncover emotional conflicts that may underlie the patient’s problems.

Although psychodynamic approaches may help to relieve the stress that contributes to panic

attacks, they do not seem to stop the attacks directly. In fact, there is no scientific evidence that

this form of therapy by itself is effective in helping people to overcome panic disorder

or agoraphobia. However, Joe’s panic disorder occurs along with some broader and pre-existing

emotional disturbance, psychodynamic treatment may be a helpful addition to the overall

treatment program.

My personal suggestion for Joe would be to try some SSRIs and CBT therapy. The

combination of these two treatments has shown to be very effective in those who suffer from

panic disorder. I believe this combination will help him work through these problems and

eventually, if he continues to progress, the symptoms will

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