Film : The Potential For People With Overcome Prejudges And Foster Solidarity

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PART B. 1a.) The film illustrates the potential for people to overcome prejudges and foster solidarity. Explain, using specifics and considering both the mining community and the LGBT characters. Your answers should be about one page in length. /10 The film shows this as many of the heterosexual, homophobic mine workers had extreme prejudges about the LGBT community and their support group, but once they got to know the supporters and not judging the LGBT support workers based on their sexuality, the miners realized they should work together to create a strong solidarity bond. An example of this in the film is Sian’s husband and the young workers did not want the Gays and Lesbians support the Miners support group to visit them or to interact with them. With the help of Sian and the wives of the workers, they stepped out of their comfort zone and learned to get to know the support group as they were trying to help the workers fight. The miners fostered solidarity with the LGBT support group as they finally recognized the support group was fighting with and for the miners and that together they are stronger and more powerful. This was shown at the end where all the different miner groups from Wales, came to the Pride parade and publicly voiced their support of LGBT rights, just as the LGBT community had done for them. The LGBT characters that overcame prejudges and fostered solidarity was seen by the character of Gethin. Living in Wales as a child…

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