Film Music Of The Box Office Essay

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Horror movies are not the movies that are going to win awards. They 're not the movies that are going to get big budgets. Most important, however, they 're not the movies that will garner the most fans. It 's a genre of films that constantly finds itself trying to be legitimate in the eyes of critics and academics, yet the majority continue to dismiss the films as nothing more than an easy way to make money at the box office. It 's not often that a horror movie is released that is undeniably important to cinema. This is what separates The Last House on the Left from its ' peers. It 's a film that is revered as one of the most important films in the horror genre and is credited with changing the genre forever. It 's the foundation of Wes Craven 's career, who over the next forty-five years, would continue to revolutionize the genre and play a key role in cinema as well, his film Music of the Heart receiving two Academy Award nominations in 1999. The Last House on the Left is a graphically realistic exploration horror film, that fundamentally changed the genre forever. Despite the controversial nature of the film, Craven’s search for funding turned out to be easy. A group of outdoor theater owners in Boston were actively searching for b-movies to fund and show in their theaters. Craven brought the script to them and they supplied him with the $90,000 necessary to shoot the film. Obviously, funding this film would be risky for investors, but the film turned out to be an…

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