Film Analysis Of The Devil Wears Prada

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The Devil Wears Prada is a movie that encompasses many different elements of film. There are also a few different meanings that can be taken from the film. Camera distance and movement, costume, and lighting work to create a meaning of choice in the film.
Costumes vary in the opening shots, not just with Andy, but with the other women in the movie as well. The first of multiple shots seen is of a women putting on a black bra. Next is the other woman putting on black panties, then the camera shows a different women putting on a completely different pair in a completely different location. Then the shot jumps back to Andy, weighing her options for such article of clothing. Following that, there are another series of shots similar to those seen
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A sequence of shots of her on the way to work reveals that Andy has a wealth of clothes from inside her closet. When she becomes obstructed from the camera and re appears, she is wearing something completely different than when she was previously seen. That shows that she clearly has a choice in what she wears. Most of the film uses high key lighting, but low key lighting was also used. There are three points where I saw that low key lighting was used. Where low key lighting can work to create a meaning of choice, high key lighting merely creates a meaning of no choice at all. When Andy answers the phone for the first time she no other option but to because Emily has left to go to Art Department. The solidity of Andy’s face with no shadows, works to create a meaning that she had no other option but to pick up the …show more content…
Her boyfriend Nate then turns on the light, asks if she is coming to bed, turns off the light and goes back to bed. When the light is off, the room has low key lighting. The bedroom area where Nate is at is overpowered by shadow while the light side is the area of the room Andy is in. This works to show Andy’s choice between her work life and her relationship with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is in the dark while she is in the light choosing to think about work. Andy has to make the decision to spend time with her partner or

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