Film Analysis Of Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron

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The story of the west has never been told from the heart of a horse rather than the saddle of one until now. Spirit (Matt Damon) is your average horse that becomes leader of his herd to guard and protect. His curiosity gets the better of him in trouble multiple times when he is captured by the white settlers twice determined to civilize the west. Throughout his attempts to escape the settlers, Spirit makes a friend, a Native American named, Little Creek (Daniel Studi), who helps him escape several times when he has gotten caught. Their time together showed that no one can own the pure essence of who Spirit has become. The animation and soundtrack that helps bring this movie to life and the theme helps you understand how the true owners felt …show more content…
Spirit is the symbol for the west and that no matter it will never be broken. During the movie it shows the struggle that Spirit went thorough and how “humans [were] bent on controlling him and breaking his spirit,” writes Claudia Puig on USA Today. Even though Spirit never talked he communicated with his expressions convey what the emotion is during that scene. As being the symbol of the west, Spirit proves himself as a fighter who never gives up and continues to fight for what he wants. He shows that no matter what that the west will always come fighting back and always will when out in the …show more content…
They say it is overbearing and was better off without so many songs. Dennis Schwartz writes in Ozus' World Movie Reviews, “When there's no narration there's plenty of songs from rock singer Bryan Adams, and that's not all good.” Having Spirit as the main character and one that does not talk makes it hard for those watching the film to understand what is going on if you depend on the body language and expressions. The song track helps you understand the scenes, sometimes they do seem to be too much but the majority of the time they are helpful. For instances when spirt was being dragged from his home and to the settlers fort, the scene was shot from a distances and you can only guess how Spirit feels. The soundtrack helps you fell the sympathy that the scene is trying to show. Dennis Schwartz also states that, “The songs follow the storyline but add little to the film.” Without those songs there will be little to the film, but with them they add a whole new depth to it.
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron may seem like your basic children’s movie at a glance but if you sit down and actually what it, it shows so much more. It shows how one character is defined as the one who is the soul of the west and that it can never be shaken down. This move as a spirit to it that draws those in to show what the west has been put through and still manages to fight back.

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