Essay on Fighting For Woman Equality Through Literature

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Fighting For Woman Equality through Literature
The era after the civil war was a time of change for many. It was time for women to share their struggles and fight for their equality. What measures did they take to get their points across? Many female writers shared their points of views through their literature. A prime example of using this method is Mary E. Wilkins Freeman. Through Freeman’s “A New England Nun” and “The Revolt of Mother” we can dissect society views for the role women should play. Each main character share a struggle for happiness and equality while facing the judgment of society. Mary E. Wilkins Freeman was an influential regional writer. “Regionalism was a result from the desire to both preserve a record of a distinctive ways of life and to come to terms with the new world that seemed to be replacing these early and happier times(Baym 13).” . In this case Freeman used regionalism to shed some light on the struggles of woman equality taking place in New England. She wanted everyone to see how despite what society thought woman were capable of doing more than just breeding babies. Through her writing she demonstrates women can stand on their own as an individual or have a voice within her family.

Before the civil war, society held women to a certain norm, one they called “The cult of a true woman”. The “true woman” was one that made it her life to clean the house, tend to her husband and children, and overall be submissive to her head of household…

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