Essay on Fighting for Gay Rights

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Michelle Torres
PHIL 1320.032
J. W. Williams
November 8, 2012
Fighting for Gay Rights
Over the past few decades, homosexuality has started to become noticed in many cities, TV shows, and even movies. By noticeable, I mean less “closeted” individuals who are not afraid to show their true selves. More and more people are becoming socially accepting of homosexuals after realizing that their intentions and overall lifestyle follows the same as heterosexual people. We all face the same implications of life, including forming relationships, drama, raising a family, working and paying taxes, etc. Ranging from common folk to famous celebrities and even royalty, homosexuality seems to affect many in ways that also range from positive to
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Many gay couples cannot adopt children together, or if a spouse is in an emergency room, the other partner cannot see them since they are not married. With no marriage equality for all kinds of couples, how would one be able to start their own family and grow old happily? Even after the election that just passed in November, only three more states in the United States legalized gay marriage. The big question now one should ask would be: Is denying gay rights for marriage discrimination? Society today sees same sex marriage as an abomination. In most philosophy cases, the word ethical subjectivism would come into place. Mainly because ethical subjectivism means that our moral opinions are based on our feelings. Even many anti-gay organizations around the United States are worried about the legalization of gay marriage affecting the government’s way of thinking and will try anything to stop the legalization. According to Time Magazine, “They [Colorado anti-gay groups] don’t know which to be more outraged at- the death of marriage or the death of democracy.” Another reason to question one-self and also others would be: Why would accepting marriage with same sex couples be such a burden? The way that society sees same sex marriage is almost identical as one would see any other issue at hand. Both sides are fighting for rights but it always comes down to what is right for that same person, their own

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