Fiber Restricted Diet Case Study

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QUESTION 8. Describe fiber restricted diet. When would you suggest the physician prescribe this diet? Why should the patient only follow this diet for a short (temporary) period of time?
Fiber restricted diet considers limitation of food intake with high amount of fiber. High fiber foods are fruits, vegetables and grains. Usually this diet prescribed for patients with bowel surgery, narrowed bowel after infectious disease or tumor action. This diet helps to reduce the amount of undigested food in the large intestine and decrease stool bulk. It is quite important to drink extra fluid during this diet to prevent constipation. But when digestive system returns to normal work it is important to add low amount of fiber to this diet, because fiber have helps to improve immune system, prevent different diseases, lower cholesterol level.( WebMD,2014.)

QUESTION 9. Describe the nutritional management for acute and chronic
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Which commonly used herbs must be stopped before surgery?

Before surgery it is necessary to reduce the amount of such herbs as ginger, valerian, garlic, echinacea, ginseng.

QUESTION 13. Describe colostomy and ileostomy diet implications.

After colostomy patients usually may go back to their normal diet, but it is important to prevent intake of food that cause gas formation such as raw vegetables, high fiber food, nuts and seeds, dairy products, high fat and fried food. Diet for ileostomy also includes normal diet with low amount of high-fiber food and extra fluid. (NHS,2013)


ZW is a 45 year-old female with Crohn’s disease s/p ileal resection and new ileostomy.
She usually has minimum dairy intake, milk with her coffee, and follows a low fat, fiber restricted diet at home. ZW experienced decrease in oral intake associated with abdominal pain and diarrhea for 2 weeks prior to admission resulting in 10lb weight loss. ZW has no known food allergies and does not take any nutritional supplements.

Height: 5feet

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