Analysis Of We Should Be Feminist By Chimamanda Ngozi

“I don 't want to be seen like a feminist” - My friend Timmy said to me while I was trying to explain why I considere myself as a feminist. He was quick to tell me why feminist is just something that it count work in our society, Timmy was telling me examples of how if a guy punch a girl in the face then he gets in trouble but a girl can do that and shell be fine, or how he wants to be the one that provides to his wife when he gets marry, he was telling me examples that honestly I could understand but were so wrong with the idea of what feminist is. he had it all wrong, but he is not the only one. More than not I have stumble with people that see feminist as something wrong. as an invention of crazy women, they see feminist are women …show more content…
Is taking as a rule that womens are not smart enough or capable enough to be successful by themseles or when they get marry there gonna stop there carrier. In the book” We Should Be Feminist” by Chimamanda Ngozi she said that : “ If you are the breadwinner in your relationship with a man, pretend that you are not, especially in public, otherwise you will emasculate him.” This is a quote that scares me because I don 't want to be with a man that do not want me to do good successfully because he is afraid of “emasculate” him. One example of how this idea affects my life now is one day I was with my friend Arseny ( yes Arseny) and we talking of how when I get marry and Im doing better than my husband is just makes sense for him to stay home , Arseny is a nice, funny, cute guy, but when I said that stamen he inmidelty said something like no not me, Ill would feel so embarrases if my wife does better than me. I was so offended, You feel offended? how do you think I feel by the fact that you think a women cant make good money just because she is not as capable as a man? I feel offended I scream to the poor guy. But its true, how is it okay to underestimate women and tell them that they are not good enough, we need to stop assuming that the boy in my class that has the same grades, the same classes, the same credits, would do better than me in life just because of his sexual organs and start realizing that both women and men have the same intellectual capacities, if you want a job, and are willing to fight for it, if you capable for that job it should not matter if you are man or a women. I should not be thinking that Im in a mens world , that Im fighting for have a respectfully place in society

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