The Bridesmaid Film Analysis

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One interesting scene is the kiss between Rita and Becca. They vent their frustrations over men before succumbing to a kiss. It suggests the stereotypes of married life, which is unexcited, boring and exhausted. Two women kissing is almost the opposite of the stereotype. As audiences, we can see the liberty of sexual orientation and women’s depression from marriage.
Feminism is defined as the advocacy of women’s rights on the rounds of political, social and economic quality to men. The medias consider Bridesmaid as the feminism groundbreaking for the movie industry. It is a mainstream comedy movie Written by women, and women dominated the action while men are the margins. I think the reason this movie a breakthrough for feminism in the industry
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According to them, it was men who lied, cheated, brawled, boozed and farted. Women were supposed to be the victims of such behavior, and so cloud hardly be presented as indulging in it” (Cox). But the Bridesmaids brings us six different types of women from the real life. Annie is the troublemaker, loser in life; Lillian is the good friend who grow up with you; Helen is the perfect beautiful wife but has no life; Rita is the angry mom who is always busy with kids and unsatisfied with her husband; Megan is the raunchy crazy overweight one and Becca is the nerdy wife. Those six women are standing for all the normal female population, female audiences can easily find themselves’ shadow from the characters. The movie is from the life, this movie show the true color of women. So it is a good represent of feminism. The film does not establish a particular gender or sexual identity as normal or normative while suggesting any departure from these norms as deviant or abnormal. And I consider this is why the Bridesmaid made differences on the nature f women in comedies and gender expression. The film incudes a notable large amount of gross-out scene vomit, diarrhea. Unlike the old perfect image of female, it represents a different and more real perspective of female comedy image. It minimizes the distance from the movie to the audience, and makes the characters more related to the real

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