Biological Status Of Women Essay

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Many people classify gender according to both biological differences and the constitution of one’s mind. Gender should not be perceived just as a natural fact. Despite, women and men were born with biological differences, they both obtained the same rights from the birth. Gender relations are differentiated and asymmetric divisions and attributions of human traits and capacities. Despite the increasing complexity of our questions, most feminists would still insist that gender relations are not equivalent to or a consequence of anatomy. Feminism examines gender discrimination as a natural corollary of class and racial domination, which may be destroyed almost simultaneously. For instance if we take a glance on the history of mankind, we note: subordinate position of women in society and in the family; objectification of women as a form of property; division of labour between the sexes, in which women bear the responsibility for the education of children, service men, as well as certain forms of industrial labour, have less respect. But, for some equity feminists, biological differences between the sexes largely explain the sex segregation in the workplace and in family roles still common in countries. Already in the Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels argued that the ruling class oppresses women, …show more content…
Moreover, feminists do not only seek to include themselves in the higher realms of policymaking and leadership, but also search for where women have already fulfilled roles to “ensure the international system works smoothly and

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