Female Officers And The Criminal Justice Field Essay

1966 Words Mar 24th, 2016 null Page
For many years in society males have dominated the workforce in the criminal justice field especially law enforcement. Time although has changed and today more and more woman are becoming police officers, probation offices, and even lawyers and judges. Not only woman studying the criminal justice field more and more minorities are also getting involved. The issue today is that woman cannot be a police officer or cannot do the physical work a male officer can do. That is although correct males do a better job in physical work as a police officer and aggressive work. When someone thinks of a police officer usually people think of policemen. That is just one reason why there are more male police officers opposed to female. Men police will always dominate the workforce. There is usually only one woman to about every twenty males in the department. In some cases police departments don’t even have woman officers. Although there are less female officers in the department today they are looking for more female officers. Most females that want to work in the police force can and do a lot of the table work. If the female doesn’t seem comfortable enough to go out on the streets they would stay in and do the paper work or other things around the department. Male police would and do scare more people and criminals would be sometimes less likely to commit a crime with a male officer near opposed to a female officer. Female officers although can do the work and may be even better…

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