Essay on Female Infanticide And Violence Against Women

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Women in many, if not most, countries are subordinate to men. This is apparent through gender-based violence, discrimination, the wage gap, and other harmful stigmas. Oppression against women begins at conception. Female infanticide is very real in countries such as China and India. Girls are seen as “too expensive” because of cultural dowry. Women lead lives of misery and/or bring too much stress to their families. Even before birth, sex-selective abortions occur because of the same reasons: sons continue the lineage, and women don’t “contribute”. This misogynistic perspective does not end once the girls grow up. They are still seen as property. They are still killed in gender-specific crimes. Femicide and violence against women are discernible problems in Latin America because of the cultural and societal views against women. Domestic violence against women is, unfortunately, common sense, but what exactly is femicide? “Femicide is a gruesome, reoccuring, gender-based genocide that is taking women and young girls to their early demise” (COHA). Femicide is horrific, and it is happening in countries all over the world. This is partly due to culture and how generations are brought up, such as in Latin America. In fact, El Salvador is the country with the highest femicide rate (“Femicide in Latin America”). The assault and harassment against women is so frequent that women take birth control before they immigrate, fearing, or expecting, sexual assault. One of the main…

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