Dear Child Analysis

Dear baby, you have come into the world practically glowing and if I do say so myself destined for greatness. Oh wait, you're a girl. Let's redo that shall we? Dear baby, you have come into the world destined to be deemed lesser than your male counterparts and can only function between the limits of what the patriarchy allows.

Fortunately, you are beautiful and smart and kind, you exude grace and elegance so easily, it looks inherent. Your witty banter charms the most reluctant of people and your... shoot. Is that melanin? You happen to black. Well, that drastically slims down your opportunities as well. Dear baby, you have been born into a society, nay, a world, that is so ignorant, it can only fully and wholly accept a select group of people.
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There are countless accounts of girls being killed at birth because they were not considered as valuable as men. If they're not snuffed of their chance to live, girls are not allowed to go to school, instead they stay at home toiling away at housework for a family that already preconceived them at birth as an inconvenience. They are later forced into loveless and often enough abusive marriages to anyone who elevates the social ranking of the family the most. The reality is dire. Although things have progressed from those appalling circumstances, change doesn't seem to be coming fast …show more content…
But I digress. The unfairness towards women touch more various topics. Such as rape culture. Why can't a women wear whatever she feels fit and confident in without men thinking she she dressed up for him? Why is it that when women sleep with men she's deemed as a whore but me are congratulated for doing virtually the same thing. Horrendously, society allows this. Women and girls are being sexually harassed and an excuse that most offenders is that she was asking for it. This is victim blame, primarily used when a woman where's something deemed provocative. Nobody asks for rape. Nobody asks for sexual

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