Women In Antigone

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Furthermore, in most societies around the world women consider as a weak person. They can’t make their decision of their own, that they felt is right. I have seen, and read a lot cases in which women are weak. Women have a lot strength to fight and stand for their rights, but many times they can’t able to do anything. Like Antigone was not allowed to bury her brother. Moreover, women sacrifices for their desires to keep themselves safe. In most countries women are not permitted to do all activities like men. They are not gifted to drive a car on the road, not permit to go to school, and not allow to go outside with friends. Men rules over women in a lot parts of world, men believes that women are only to follow their commands and complete desires. In India women are treated really badly, I have heard many stories that a small girl married to older men, because of money. In Indian culture women have to follow all commands that their husbands tell them to do, and if they deny to those commands. They would be abused by their husbands, they can’t able to go …show more content…
Johnston explained how she felt about Antigone’s choice about dying. She went against to Creon law, which led her to death. When we refer to “Antigone’s choice,” we typically mean the choice that Antigone makes in undertaking to bury Polyneices against her uncle’s wishes” (Johnston .3). Moreover, Johnston explains that women sacrifices to make someone else life better. Author is explaining how women finish their life for their love ones as Antigone did went to death because to give better afterlife to her brother. “I will bury him myself an even if I die in the, that death will be glory. I will lie with the one I loved and lobed by him an outrage sacred to the gods! I have longer to please the dead than please the living here: in the kingdom down below I will lie forever. Do as you like, dishonor the laws the gods hold in honor”

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