Female Collegiate Basketball : A Female Male Dominant Ncaa Men 's Basketball League

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This sports study will define the increasingly important role of female coaches in all-male basketball leagues. The presence of female coaches in collegiate basketball defines the expanding parameters of coaching opportunities for women in the male-dominant NCAA men’s basketball league. The example of Theresa Phillips, Stephanie Ready, and Jennifer Johnston that defy the patriarchal culture of men’s coaching in all-male leagues at this level of performance. Patriarchal values in all-male basketball leagues are a major barrier for women attempting to become more integrated in this type of sporting culture. More so, the example of Becky Hammon as an assistant coach for the Sacramento Kings also defines a new opportunity for women at the assistant coach level, yet she has not yet been named a head coach. In essence, these are important reasons to understand the necessity of providing opportunities for women as successful coaches in all-male basketball leagues, which defines the important role of women in leadership positions. Collegiate basketball is primarily dominated by male coaches in both male and female leagues, which defines a major problem of patriarchal culture in this sport. In this culture, women have often been barred from coaching in the NCAA because of the sexist standards that they face in male-dominant basketball. This type of gender discrimination is part of the barrier to women at this level of performance: “Women in sport have a tradition of assuring…

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