Female Circumcision And Its Effects On Women Essay

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The Irua is known as female circumcision, it is “the cutting of the external genital excision, especially of the clitoris, and was performed by trained older women” (Davidson, 24). It is an important passage to adulthood, of making into being an adult for these girls that get this procedure. The important it has on these women in the Mt. Kenya region is significant. These girls know that when this procedure comes, they are ready to be an adult. It’s a right-of-passage, every girl wants to be a woman. Supporters were very important in the Irua, because when you had them you had someone to go through the circumcision with you. You also had someone that maybe has gone through it before as well.
How the circumcision goes is explained in the story as, “Both of these women [her supporters] held me while I was being circumcised, one from behind, sitting down with her legs over mine, and the other holding my hands” (Davidson, 25). That was before the circumcision took place, she had to be very still, “The first thing I felt was a sharp pain like fire—just like you feel when you cut yourself. Then I felt my body numb and did not feel pain until three days after the cutting when the wound got pus” (Davidson, 26). Wangeci had a very descriptive story about the process she went through, and how it felt.
Wainoi in the book The Ostrich Wakes made the decision on her own, she made the decision to become a woman. Her parents were Christian and forbade her to do it, so she went on her own…

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