Analysis Of Naomi Klein's This Changes Everything Capitalism Vs. The Climate

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Free Trade is a Free Pass to Oppose Climate Control
Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything Capitalism vs The Climate argues that in order to begin to solve the issue of climate change we must abandon the free market system American democracy is based upon. Klein states, “We have not done the things that are necessary to lower emissions because those things fundamentally conflict with deregulated capitalism” (Klein 18). Here, I will be focusing on the claim made by Naomi Klein that free market fundamentalism helped overheat the planet as discussed in chapter two of her book. I will analyze the argument made by Naomi Klein and provide additional evidence that supports why fundamentalism has contributed to climate change. In this paper I will argue
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The goal behind free trade is to promote competitiveness. The economic system we live in today is formed around the idea of competition. This idea to produce more, buy more and make more money. Free trade influences the concept of producing more resources on a large scale to be able to sell more at a lower price. An article by the Third World Health Aid titled Free Trade Worsening Climate Change discusses that a main aspect of free trade is to make a profit. Companies will exploit and destroy the environment, which worsens the climate, but gives them more of a profit (Third World Health Aid). They further state, “free trade will indeed go against the climate objectives because it will create competition between populations and land (Third World Health Aid). A free trade economy puts more pressure on economic and financial demands than anything else. Manufacturers, companies and individual are more focused on profit than they are on the climate. The Third World Health Aid declares, “The source of environment and climate problem lies in our current economic system….It is important that the well-being of the populations and the environment is at the heart of our governments and not economic interest” (Third World Health

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