Essay on Feasibility Study report Starbucks Group1

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Feasibility Study

Establishment of Starbuck Coffeehouses in Afghanistan

Team One
Hasibullah Dehzad
Sahar Sulaimankhail
Fariha Baheer
Hamidullah Rafiyi
MGT 540, Section 2
Major Assignment
Professor Christopher Henderson
December 19, 2014
Executive Summery 3
Introduction 4
1 Research Methodology 5
1.1 Statement of the Problem and Significance of the Study 5
1.2 Scope of the study 5
1.3 Objectives of the study 5
1.4 Data collection 5
1.5 Sample 5
1.6 Data Analysis 6
2 Risk Factors 7
2.1 Primary Risk Factors 7
3 Market Analysis of Starbuck Coffee Shops 8
3.1 Coffee Shops Demand Analysis 8
3.2 SWOT Analysis 8
3.2.1 Strength 8
3.2.2 Weaknesses 8
3.2.3 Opportunities 9
3.2.4 Threats 9
3.3 Market Analysis Summary 9
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The secondary data were collected from published reports and internet.

1.5 Sample The study has selected 40 people out of which 16 are female.

Details of population and sample
100 1.6 Data Analysis
Primary data
The primary data collected from the respondents were analyzed grouping the respondents based on different factors. Results are reported primarily using percentage. Graphical representations in the form of table are also given for better understanding.

2 Risk Factors
As a startup company, there are several risk factors to be aware of. These are compounded by the fact that Starbucks will be operating in Afghanistan and establishing a completely new type of business in the country.

2.1 Primary Risk Factors

3.1.1 Security: significant parts of Afghanistan are not secure and it is not possible to safely conduct business in these areas. Furthermore, Starbucks initial target markets of Kabul, Herat and Mazar cities, while considered to be safe by Afghan standards, are subjected to occasional bombing, kidnappings and other forms of violence.

3.1.2 Political Stability: although Afghanistan is an elected democracy, the government is considered to be corrupt. Also the International community has announced its intention to withdraw the majority of its troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014 and it is not clear how the government will survive without its support.

3.1.3 Not

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