Feasibility Studies for Bookstore and Coffee Shop Essay

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The Project and Its Background

This chapter provides all necessary information on the company’s background and nature of business. This includes the company name, location, nature of the business, historical background, mission, vision and core values statement, company objectives and feasibility criteria.

Company Name

During ancient times, leaves are used as a writing instrument in the form of “papyrus” which provides the knowledge and ideas that built the early civilization of mankind. It is an instrument which made people survive and improve their everyday life, and also, to help exist the world today. It became our inspiration in putting up a bookstore, the idea of which is to provide information, knowledge, and
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The combined personal liability of the partners also offers a better proprietorship. Since more than one person participates in the business, closer supervision of all its activities will be attained. All partners directly involve in the management of the business and each has specific tasks and responsibilities to perform.

The partnership will be composed of three (3) partners. It is a general partnership. All three partners are general-industrial partners who will contribute money and property as their capital.

C. Management Control

The firm will establish two major positions that will handle the firm’s operation. A General Manager, who is a major shareholder in the partnership, entitled to establish the company policies and is responsible for supervising the company’s direction and growth; and the Operations Manager, who is also a general partner, entitled to supervise all of the company’s existing systems and is responsible for executing the general manager’s policies and instructions in line with the company’s direction.

To facilitate all financial records of the business an accountant will be hired. Our day to day cash and credit transactions will be taken care of by the cashiers. Sales Representatives

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