The Challenges Of Racial Discrimination In The Hospitality Industry

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Another protected class that is discriminated against within the hospitality industry is race. Racial discrimination is another type of discrimination that affects the world today. It sounds silly, but there are still many people who will treat you differently based off the color of your skin. This is an injustice that stood true for many black employees at the Beachwood, Ohio restaurant, Bahama Breeze. In the 2009 case, Bahama Breeze to pay $1.26 Million to Settle Suit for Racial Harassment of Black Workers, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced a class litigation settlement with national restaurant chain Bahama Breeze for $1,260,000. The managers were accused of repeatedly harassing 37 black workers at the company’s Beachwood, …show more content…
As stated before being racist is very biased but if employers want their company to survive, they have to put aside their bias, and follow the law. In the article, “Race Discrimination Remains a Challenging Issue for the Hospitality Industry” by Kenneth Winkler, Winkler talks about the need for employers to be proactive with this issue. He recommends implementing and enforcing an equal employment opportunity policy, which was a precaution taken by the Bahama Breeze case. He also advises to implement policies and practices designed to widen and diversify the pool of candidates considered for employment openings and promotions. This will ensure that every employee is included regardless of their racial differences. The last and most important recommendation was to set up periodic training. This is another solution used by Bahama Breeze. Training will reinforce the company policies and employees will learn how to deal with their differences within the workplace. These are some steps that should be taken to make the work environment more effective when it involves racial discrimination. If employers use their title for good, they can help create a workplace that can suit everyone. Employers have to lead by example and surly others will

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