Feasibility Is The Assurance That A Business Design? Essay examples

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Feasibility is the assurance that a business design can be executed on a basis of existing knowledge sharing and empirical evidence, as stated by Ajzen (Theory of Planned behavior p.82 2001). The inception of share economy businesses by which entry is valued over ownership through joint consumption has generated demand for researchers to analysis feasibility through pertinent measurements. The nine building blocks of ‘the business model canvas’ (Osterwalder & Pigneur, 2009), enables researchers, or other stakeholders a more comprehensive overview of business feasibility. The BMC aims to act as a driver of a firms’ ability to create and deliver value (Morris et al, 2005). The emerging share economy companies such as Airbnb involve reformation to adapt within in the BMC framework, because of its operation to an array of unique networks, altering the dimensions of the business, thus, offering a criteria in which researchers pursuit to assess feasibility.

A perceived to be ‘feasible’ business is highly influential, and factors numerous issues. The Hypothesis devised by Scherer (1989) indicates that perceived feasibility is achieved within the owners, “breadth of experience’, meaning positive experiences rises perceived viability of entrepreneurial activity and the execution of designs (Entrepreneurship theory and practice 1989 p.55). On the contrary, the model of new ventures argued by Shapero (1975) the ‘threshold level of perceived desirability as well as willingness to act’…

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