Essay on Fear, It 's The Emotion That Drives The Car Of Life

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Fear, it’s the emotion that drives the car of life we’re all riding in. When we’re afraid to stand out, we hide in the crowd. When we’re afraid of being caught, we run faster. When we’re afraid of losing, well, we can do a few things. We can play it safe and settle for what we have, or we can stand up to the challenge, take a shot in the dark, and maybe even do something great.
After yet another poor race, a weekend that was supposed to be filled with success was sadly coming to close, half empty with disappointment. I was crushed. I didn’t know what to think. What had I done wrong? Had I really dedicated months of discipline and determination just to fall short of everything I wanted? To just fail? It didn’t make sense. It wasn’t just me either, the whole team had had a poor weekend. It was our last chance to do what we had to do, get our YMCA National Qualifying Times. We each needed one, just one, and nobody on the team could do even that. By Sunday, after a weekend of demoralizing short comings, I had accepted defeat. There was nothing more to do. I had one more night of racing, and none of my swims that night had serious potential. I had simply missed my chance. That night while talking to my mother, she made a suggestion. At the end of the meet, I had the opportunity to do a time trial, which was to swim any event I wanted for an official time. I had come close to my time in one event two days before. If I time trialed the event, maybe I could swim it fast enough…

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