Essay about Fear Is The Emotion Of Fear

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Fear is the one emotion that can take something so good and poison it. As humans, we are afraid of anything that is unknown to us. When we have the choice between the tunnel that has a light in it and the tunnel that’s completely dark, we choose the one with the light. Fear can be defined by an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is going to hurt us in some way. However, to me, fear is a lifestyle, an addiction, and an excuse. To be fearful is a way of life, it’s a lifestyle that some choose to spend their life following. This lifestyle begins at an early age, such as when a little boy is scared to jump over the puddle so the parents carry him across. Or when that same boy gets to be a little older and runs out of the room because a scary movie is on. Parents can accidently instill a fear for all things in their children without even trying to and when their children grow up that fear that is within them will take over their lives. Fear as an adult can be good at times but to have a fearful lifestyle as an adult is detrimental. It causes problems in relationships, jobs, and in daily tasks. Relationships are hurt by fear because fear inflicts negative thoughts like doubt and anxiety. It causes people to second guess their loved ones and their relationship as a whole. Fear in the workplace is also difficult. It causes employees to be afraid to speak up or go out on a limb for a new idea. It also can take away opportunities such as if a…

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