Fear Is Good And Bad Essay

1560 Words Oct 1st, 2014 7 Pages
The way a person talks, the way they move, the choices that they make all are dictated by one single emotion, fear. It causes people to make decisions and makes people act strange. It causes people to hide inside themselves. Fear can cause a person to change their whole life around. It can also change the simplest of things. It can stop you from having amazing experiences. However, fear can cause wonderful things to happen too. Fear is both good and bad. Fear is an emotion that controls a person and the people around them. Fear of spiders is a strange thing. Little creature who, for the most part, don 't hurt anyone but causes many people to run away and scream. A friend of mine fears spiders. Unfortunately her house has many of them. When she spots a spider, runs screaming to the other side of the room, or leaves the room all together. One time while I was over, we were hanging out in her room. She spotted a spider on the ceiling and screamed. She told me to kill it. While I was trying to, I didn’t want to get too close to it out of fear. I knew that the spider wouldn’t hurt me, but fear caused me to stay clear of it. Some people fear shots and needles. I fear shots, I always have. There is no rational reason for me to fear them, I just do. The last time I got a shot, my face went completely white. I almost fainted. Even to this day, when anyone mentions shots, I start to get uneasy. I know there is no reason to fear them. They hurt for less than a minute, then I’m…

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