Fayol’s Work from Two Different Points of View Essay

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Henri Fayol and Zero Tolerance Policies Lee SCHIMMOELLER1 Abstract Zero tolerance policies have been increasingly popular in both education and business. Henri Fayol was the one of the earliest and influential thinkers in modern management theory. He defined management as a body of knowledge and defined his 14 administrative principles. It is an interesting exercise to apply Fayol’s teachings to the theory of zero tolerance and attempt to determine what Fayol would think of this new management

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Skiba and Peterson (1996) track the term zero tolerance to the federal drug enforcement policies of the 1980’s. After a few harsh penalties that seemed out of

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proportion to the activity, the US Customs Service rescinded the implementation of zero tolerance but its implementation had moved to public schools. In 1993, as a response to two students murders, San Diego proposed a zero tolerance for bringing weapons to school (Vail, 1995). Any violators would be arrested and expelled. In 1994 the gun-Free Schools Act became the Drug-Free Schools Act of 1994 and expanded by President Clinton. This act requires local education agencies to expel for a minimum of one year any student “who is determined to have brought a weapon to school. Furthermore, these violators are required to be reported to the criminal justice system. Federal education dollars were tied to this Act to ensure compliance and forcing it to be adopted by all 50 state education systems (Insley, 2001). Many states were relieved to limit administrative hearings and procedures, making their jobs easier (Cerrone, 1999). Zero tolerance relieves the officials of the tasks of judgment and
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