Fast Foods And Its Effects On America Essay

797 Words Nov 17th, 2015 4 Pages
Nearly two-thirds of Americans now suffer from obesity because of eating Junk foods. The number is increasing dramatically. Half of American’s food budget now goes on food eaten outside the home which contain high fat. People are busy these days. The working class family works more hours and do not have enough time to cook foods at home. Fast foods save time and make life easier. Fast foods are delicious, cheap, and because of it, people eat fast food on a regular basis. Even though fried foods and sugary drinks are cheap and fresh foods are expensive, only fresh and natural foods contain a variety of vitamins and minerals which are good for health.
Calorie dense foods are farther from readily available than ever before and obesity is increasing rapidly. Even though fast foods contain high calories, people still eat them not caring about the negative side effects. Morgan Spurlock, in his film Supersize Me, shows how most people do not even know what a calorie is. Now manufacturer boosts their profits by ratcheting up portion size and charge a little more. They include more calories in it. People who love eating fast foods, won’t like the idea of banning them since they do not like eating anything else. They do not even care about the negative side effects until they suffer. People have become more careless about their health. Lack of physical activity causes more problem. In the article, “Supersize Me”, Alison Malik states, “There is a great deal less access to physical…

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