Fast Food Restaurants On Childhood Obesity Essay

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Fast food restaurants are known for being part of a restaurant franchise chain and for their quick service. As the average citizen is in more of a rush to get to work, school, or home, the easy option of stopping at the local Burger King becomes more appealing than a traditional sit down restaurant. With this, the consumption of meals kept warm after being cooked in bulk, compared to meals made at the time of order, also grows. Modern day parents continue to support this idea of purchasing quick, tasty, cheap, and unhealthy food from fast food restaurants for their children on a daily basis. From 1994 to 2014, McDonald’s itself opened about 360 new restaurants in the United States every year (Fast-Food). The increased availability of unhealthy fast food restaurants has created an epidemic, where children become obese at a young age, which in turn causes a multitude of health issues throughout one’s lifespan. To determine the influence of fast food and soft drinks on childhood obesity along with unhappiness, Hung-Hao Chang and Rodolfo M. Nayga Jr., members of the Department of Agricultural Economics conducted a study, finished in the year 2009, analyzing its effect on various children. In their concluding remarks, they stated, “With respect to the effects of children’s fast food and soft drink consumption on children’s wellbeing, our results suggest a trade-off in the influence of food consumption on childhood obesity and unhappiness since while consumption of fast…

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