Fast Food And The Food Industry Essay

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“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves” (Frankl 112). Over the past four decades, fast food has invaded every single corner of America. Fast food restaurants are present in museums, shopping malls, along the streets, and even near historical monuments. Fast food has blended into the backdrop of our nation, one that was once filled with beautiful landscapes and is now polluted by city lights and concrete jungles. Progress comes with a dark side, and this is especially visible in the fast food industry through bad advertising practices, poor treatment of workers, food safety issues, and large concentration of power in the industry. Now that fast food has wormed its way into every aspect of our lives, we cannot change the situation. We can only change our role in the progress or regress of this growth.
The first, and perhaps one of the scariest, problems in the fast food industry is in advertising. Almost all of the marketing done by the fast food industry is directed to kids. The food and drink industry actually spends more than $2 billion on advertising just for kids every single year, and the average child watches 4,000 ads for junk food per year (Chehimi). This advertisement is working, too. According to Fast Food Nation, the key to advertising is getting a kid to see the corporation in the same way they see their loved ones (Schlosser 44). When kids are comfortable with a brand at a young age, they are more likely…

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