Essay on Fast Food : A Better Alternative !

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Fast Food : A better alternative !
Schools should have fast food as an option in the cafeteria for HIGH SCHOOLS STUDENTS ONLY ! Having fast food as a selection in high schools saves a lot of time and money because kids will actually eat the fast food instead of complaining about the unpleasant foods high schools serve now. It will also prevent students from leaving campus during their lunch going out to get lunch on their on. Anything possible could happen while a student is off campus without permission and being that the school is responsible for the students the school would be in big trouble if something bad was to happen to that student or students.
Many students often get into car accidents due to a crowded car because a lot of students like to leave and go get their preferred lunch during lunch or because they are rushing back to school to get back on time. Across the country, more districts are deciding that they are better off without open lunch periods. Fort Worth, Texas closed its thirteen high school campuses at lunchtime this year after finding that in addition to becoming involved in traffic accidents, students were more likely to skip classes before and after lunch (Hu). Peoria, Arizona a suburb of Phoenix, also closed its high school campuses at lunchtime this year after a contentious debate that divided parents and school board members and led 1,200 students to walk out of class in protest (Hu). This means that students are not agreeing with the decision…

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