Family Systems Paper : Brief Family History

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Family Systems Paper
Brief Family History
John lives with his wife Tina, 13 year old son Matt, nine year old son Joe, and Tina’s elderly, disabled mother and father. The Smith family identifies as White/European American and that they enjoy holidays consistent with Euro-American culture. John and Tina have been married for 13 years and got married after their son Matt was born. John disclosed the family is currently living in Tina’s parent’s one bedroom home. The four of them share the living room while his wife’s parents stay in the bedroom. This living situation is due to financial constraints and has been occurring for the last three years. Both John and Tina work full time. John shared that he was in state foster care from the time he was four years old until he turned 18. John expressed that he was moved around many times to many different families during his childhood. John feels this may have impacted his experience with relationships and family values. John and Tina identify with the religious values and beliefs of the Church of Latter Day Saints; although they currently do not attend services this is something they would like to see happen in the future.
Presenting Concern
The Smith family was self-referred to therapy due to recent family conflict with John and Tina. John made the initial call to schedule an appointment. John reports he recently experienced a disagreement with his wife which resulted in him moving out for two weeks. This disagreement involved John…

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