Cultural Roles Of Communication When Maria And Andrea Engaged In Play

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Unique Outcomes/Sparkling Events
The clients described that they were able to communicate when Maria and Andrea engaged in play. Both clients described playtime as playing board games or kicking a soccer ball. Andrea stated that she “liked to play with mom because she can talk to her and have fun.” In addition, Andrea recognized the importance of “working” towards rewards for preferred activities such as visiting Sea World. Maria described that when Andrea had an incentive, such as extra outdoor playtime, she was more cooperative and less hesitant to respond to requests.
Dominant Discourses
Maria was highly impacted by dominant discourses including the Catholic Church’s ban on divorce, the cultural impact of being an immigrant single mother.
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Since, Andrea is a minor it was imperative to join the clients and create a safe and welcoming environment. This included asking Andrea to share topics of interest such as books and movies during session. As a therapist I accepted a “getting to know you” attitude and met my clients for who they are not their problem (Gehart, 2014 p. 402).
During the initial phase it was also essential to assess the clients’ cultural background and religion. For instance, Maria identified herself as a devout catholic, so it was important to explore what religion meant for her and how she made meaning of the catholic beliefs regarding divorce. As a therapist I wanted to assess the impact that religion and tradition had on my clients. And, explore how Maria and Andrea were making meaning of their world now that they were living in a single parent household.
While collaborating with this family one of the interventions applied during the therapeutic task, was mapping the effects of the problem from being a conflicted mother and daughter, to a mother and daughter in a relationship with conflict. Furthermore, Maria viewed herself as depressed and Andrea as angry, so separating the clients from the problem allowed them to have hope that they could improve their relationship.
Initial Phase Client
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I also provided psycho-education on the management of ADHD symptoms and the benefits of medication. While working with Maria and Andrea it was imperative that I consult with my supervisor and fellow MFT trainees. I found that their feedback was essential to my work as a therapist and mental health provider. Furthermore, I informed the clients that upon terminating treatment, they were welcome to return to Catholic Charities in the future if they felt the need for additional

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